Quiénes somos

Spring and summer alternate on the Costa Blanca, rain is an unknown word. With 2900 hours of sunshine it belongs with the Mediterranean climate to the best Spain has to offer.

The Costa Blanca advertises his "third best climate in the world." That is too little honor, for better weather you will find rarely elsewhere. Summers are warm but not excessively hot and the sea provides sufficient cooling. Thus the Spanish holidaymakers, who are flooding the shore numerous in the holidays. The beaches offer as traditional attractions to young and old.

The blazing heat in the afternoon is traditionally covered with a long siesta. After dinner we go into the late hours on the road: first to pubs and bars after midnight at the disco. Center of this feeling is the legendary Benidorm, since the 60s and is still a celebrated travel tip.
But the Costa Blanca has other faces. In the low season, the visitors from abroad take a look. They usually slow down. They stay in their own home or apartment. Hardly anywhere else in Spain there are more second homes in foreign hands than in the coastal towns of Denia and Altea.

Golf, play tennis, horse riding and walking now predominate. Many find the spring and autumn the best time swimming in the Mediterranean is admittedly not at bath temperature, but still possible. Trips through the charming hinterland show now a different light. Now work out the best photos, not clouded by the summer haze. Especially in spring the sea is crystal clear and shimmering turquoise green - for snorkelers and divers paradise.

Surfers may like to indulge in the transition times on the windy, but glassy Marmenor. In winter, however, the Costa Blanca attracts fewer travelers, a time to catch your breath. Also between Christmas and Easter, it rains on the coast rarely.